Upcoming Conference / Training
NOTIFICATION: Blending Conference in Klang Valley and Blending Conference in Malaysia Children Service Notification.pdf
NOTIFICATION_AN OPEN SESSION DURING BLENDING CONFERENCE IN MALAYSIA (25th February 2024 Lord's Day) Notification.pdf Registration Form.pdf Consent Form.pdf
NOTIFICATION_An Update to the Dates of the Blending Conference in Klang Valley Notification.pdf
NOTIFICATION OF MEETINGS (2024) Notification.pdf
NOTIFICATION OF SOME MAIN EVENTS 2024 (Perfectings, Trainings, Blendings and Conferences) Notification.pdf
Blending Conference in Malaysia 2024
Date: 2024-02-23 ~ 2024-02-25
Malaysia Youth Perfecting
Date: 2024-02-28 ~ 2024-03-07
Malaysia English-speaking Conference
Date: 2024-03-15 ~ 2024-03-17
Training for Elders and Responsible Ones in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei
Date: 2024-04-19 ~ 2024-04-21